Bankable Terms for Un-Bankable Borrowers

South End Capital Corporation℠ “SECC”, founded in 2009, is a nationwide, non-conforming lender providing stated income commercial real estate loans, subprime SBA loans, “no minimum credit score” business lines of credit, and merchant cash advance consolidation loans. SECC offers excellent service, prompt responses and custom tailored financing.

SECC has been recognized by Fit Small Business, TopTenReviews and Business.com as one of the premier non-conforming business and real estate lenders in the country.

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Loan Programs

Small Balance Commercial Real Estate
Subprime SBA
Credit Line / Invoice Financing

SECC’s commercial real estate program offers fast, permanent mortgage and bridge financing with a low documentation process. We offer stated income and full documentation loans and real estate can be held as an investment or occupied by the owner’s business (no personal residences). Purchase, refinance, fix and flip and unrestricted cash-out refinance programs are available nationwide except in AZ, ND, NV, OR, SD and VT. We lend on 1 to 4 unit residential, 5+ unit multifamily, mixed-use, office, retail, warehouse, industrial, mobile home parks, self-storage, auto-service, auto-dealers, daycare, restaurants, nightclubs, bars and more. Apply below to receive your same day pre-approval, there is no upfront credit pull and no upfront fees!

  • We are a Direct Lender
  • $250,000 to $5,000,000
  • Rates Start at 6.875%
  • 1, 3, 5, 7 & 10 Years Fixed
  • I/O to 30 Year Amortizations
  • 600 Credit Minimum
  • To 80% LTV (commercial)
  • To 100% LTC (residential)
  • Flexible Prepay Penalties
  • No Personal DTI Ratio
  • Close in 2 to 4 Weeks
  • No Balloon Payments
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SECC offers streamlined Small Business Administration (SBA) loans for the non-conforming business owner. We have no collateral requirement for loans </= $500,000 and for loans > $500,000 we can provide up to 150% LTV (loan-to-value) in 1st, 2nd or 3rd position on real estate and/or equipment. Whether you are seeking working capital, funds to purchase real estate, equipment or a business; or want to refinance debt or consolidate merchant cash advances into one affordable monthly payment—we have the right loan for you. Apply below to receive your same day pre-approval, there is no upfront credit pull, no application fee and most business types are considered (sorry, no startups).

  • $30,000 to $23,000,000
  • Rates from 6.75%
  • Monthly Payments
  • No Prepay Penalty Options
  • 10 to 25 Years Amortized
  • 550 Credit Minimum
  • 1 Year Min. Time in Business
  • Few Restricted Industries
  • Debt/MCA Consolidation
  • Unrestricted Working Capital
  • Nationwide Program
  • Over $100 Million Funded!
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SECC’s revolutionary credit line and invoice financing requires no credit score minimum, paperwork or liens–only an active business bank account or accounting software. Fees start at 0.4% (that’s only $4 on a $1,000 financed!), there are no out-of-pocket fees, junk fees or prepay penalty. Apply below (no hard credit pull at application), get approved in minutes and draw funds the next day–or, request your own uniquely code application link to market to your network and earn a 1% referral on each funding! Businesses located in the 50 U.S. states, Washington D.C., Puerto Rico, U.S. Virgin Islands, Guam, American Samoa and North Mariana Islands operating > 3 months, with > $25,000 in revenue are considered.

  • $1,000 to $100,000
  • No FICO Minimum
  • Rates From 0.4%
  • No Prepay Penalty
  • 12 to 24 Week Terms
  • Next Day Funding
  • No Upfront or Junk Fees
  • No UCC or Lien Filings
  • No Collateral Required
  • Invoices Financed at 100%
  • No Lockbox, You Pay Back
  • Few Restricted Industries
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Recent Closings

Multifamily Blanket Cash-Out Refi.
Small Balance Commercial
Long Beach, CA

SBA 7(a) Business Purchase
Chicago, IL

Pawn Shop
SBA 7(a) Partner Buyout
Canton, OH

Trucking Company
SBA 7(a) MCA/Debt Consolidation
Honolulu, HI

Photography Studio
SBA 7(a) Business Purchase
Aynor, SC

Mixed-Use Refi. Cash-Out
Stated Income Commercial
Chicago, IL

Auntie Anne’s Franchise
SBA 7(a) Debt Consolidation
North Chesterfield, VA

Used Auto-Sales
SBA 7(a) Cash-Out Refinance
Reynoldsburg, OH

Sports Bar & Grill
SBA 7(a) Business Purchase
Spring, TX

Golf Course
SBA 7(a) Rate and Term Refinance
Woodland, WA

Production Company
SBA 7(a) Warehouse/Land Refinance
Fultondale, AL

IT Services
SBA 7(a) MCA Consolidation
Farmington Hills, MI

Engineering Co.
SBA 7(a) MCA Consolidation
Troy, MI

Assisted Living Center
SBA 7(a) Purchase Loan
Katy, TX

Dental Practice
SBA 7(a) Debt Consolidation
Marietta, GA

Software Supplier
SBA 7(a) 2nd Mtg. Debt Consolidation
Omaha, NE

Sports Apparel Co.
SBA 7(a) Business Purchase
Leominster, MA

FedEx Ground Route
SBA 7(a) Business Purchase
Lake Mary, FL

Nightclub/Bar Refi. Cash-Out
Stated Income Commercial
Charlotte, NC

Electrical Contractor
SBA 7(a) Debt Consolidation
Bethel, CT

Storefront Bakery
SBA 7(a) Building Purchase
Brooklyn, NY

Air Conditioning Repair Co.
SBA 7(a) Debt/MCA Consolidation
Madera, CA

Garden Supplier
SBA 7(a) Working Capital Loan
Scottsdale, AZ

Cell Phone Store
SBA 7(a) Working Capital Loan
Albany, NY

Construction Co.
SBA 7(a) Working Capital Loan
Houston, TX

Early Education
SBA 7(a) Building Purchase
New Windsor, NY

Real Estate Brokerage
SBA 7(a) Building Purchase
Pensacola, FL

Boutique Hotel
SBA 7(a) Renovation Loan
Longbeach, CA

Assisted Living Center
SBA 7(a) Building Purchase
Mesa, AZ

Accounting Firm
SBA 7(a) Working Capital Loan
Shreveport, IL

Beauty Supply Co.
SBA 7(a) Building Purchase
Bolingbrook, IL

Trucking Co.
SBA 7(a) Equipment Loan
Blanchard, MI

Bed & Breakfast Refi. Cash-Out
Stated Income Commercial
Savannah, GA

Amusement Park
SBA 7(a) Working Capital Loan
Myrtle Beach, SC

Dental Practice
SBA 7(a) Working Capital Loan
Phoenix, AZ

Warehouse Purchase
Stated Income Commercial
Baltimore, MD

Retail Strip Mall Cash-Out Refi.
Stated Income Commercial
Warren, OH

International Shipping Co.
SBA 7(a) Working Capital Loan
Palm Coast, FL

Bar & Grill Cash-Out Refi.
Stated Income Commercial
Blue Island, IL

Athletic Club
SBA 7(a) Consolidation/Expansion
Baton Rouge, LA

Office Building Cash-Out Refi.
Stated Income Commercial
San Jose, CA

Vacuum Repair Service
SBA 7(a) Working Capital
San Antonio, TX

Group Home Services
SBA 7(a) Business Purchase
Hertford, NC

Mixed-Use Purchase & Rehab
Fix and Flip Program
Haines City, FL

Online Reseller
SBA 7(a) Warehouse Purchase
Grover Beach, CA

Bowling Alley
SBA 7(a) Debt & MCA Consolidation
Farmington Hills, MI

Office Building Purchase
Small Balance Commercial
Valparaiso, IN

Mobile Medical Services Co.
SBA 7(a) Working Capital
Rosharon, TX

Floral Design Co.
SBA 7(a) Working Capital
Stone Mountain, GA

Consulting Firm
Small Business Term Loan
Greensboro, NC

Pizza Restaurant
Small Business Term Loan
Barnegat, NJ

Home Health Care. Co.
Small Business Term Loan
Coral Gables, FL

Seasonal Resort & Motel
SBA 7(a) Debt Refi. & Working Capital
Lake George, NY

Full-Service Truck Stop
SBA 7(a) Working Capital
New Lisbon, WI

Dental & Oral Surgery Practice
SBA 7(a) Working Capital Loan
Charlotte, NC

Accounting Firm Working Capital
Small Business Term Loan
Milford, CT

Retail Strip Center Purchase
Small Balance Commercial
Florissant, MO

Refrigeration Company
SBA 7(a) Retail Condo Blanket
Key West, FL

Trucking Company
SBA 7(a) Trailer Lease Buyout
Blanchard, MI

Full-Service Truck Stop
SBA 7(a) Purchase & Working Capital
New Lisbon, WI

Office Building Cash-Out Refinance
Small Balance Commercial
North Hollywood, CA

Dental & Oral Surgery Practice
SBA 7(a) Purchase/MCA Consolidation
Cornelius, NC

Indoor Trampoline Park
Bridge Loan Program
Champaign, IL

Contract Labor Company
SBA 7(a) MCA Consolidation
Cynthiana, KY

Threads of Time
SBA 7(a) Business Purchase
Danville, IL

Construction Company
SBA 7(a) Debt Consolidation
Milford, UT

Industrial Property
SBA 7(a) Debt & MCA Consolidation
Akron, OH

Advertising & Marketing Firm
Private Term Working Capital Loan
Boca Raton, FL

Chiropractic & Sports Rehab Co.
SBA 7(a) MCA Consolidation
St. Louis, MO

Landscape & Nursery Business
SBA 7(a) Refinance Cash-Out
College Park, GA

Child Learning Center
SBA 7(a) Real Estate Purchase
Kissimmee, FL

Trucking Company
SBA 7(a) MCA Consolidation
Burton, MI

Brazilian Restaurant
SBA 7(a) Working Capital Loan
Newark, NJ

Office Refi. Cash-Out / Renovations
Bridge Loan Program
Tallahassee, FL

Daycare Property
SBA 7(a) Purchase Loan
Tampa, FL

Industrial Cash-Out Refinance
Small Balance Commercial
Perrysburg, OH

Multifamily Cash-Out Refinance
Small Balance Commercial
Richmond, CA

Used Automotive Dealership
SBA 7(a) Expansion Loan
Lowell, MA

Construction Company
SBA 7(a) MCA Consolidation
Decatur, TX

Delivery Company
Private Business Line of Credit
Sparks, NV

Multifamily Cash-Out Refinance
Small Balance Commercial
Norwich, CT

Moving Company
SBA 7(a) MCA Consolidation
Miami, FL

Retail Property Purchase
Small Balance Commercial
Sparks, NV

Assisted Living Facility Refinance
Small Balance Commercial
Emerald Hills, CA

Skydiving Company
SBA 7(a) MCA Consolidation
Tracy, CA

Office Building Purchase
Small Balance Commercial
Worcester, MA

Investment SFR Refi. Cash-Out
Small Balance Commercial
Spring, TX

Investment SFR Refi. Cash-Out
Wilton, CT

SBA 7(a) Office & Land Refi. Cash-Out
Hudson, OH

SBA 7(a) Hotel Renovation Loan
Olympia, WA

SBA 7(a) Bike Shop Debt Consolidation
Yuma, AZ

Investment 3-Family Purchase
Jamaica, NY

SBA 7(a) Restaurant Expansion Loan
San Diego, CA

SBA 7(a) MCA Consolidation Loan
San Diego, CA

Retail Strip Mall Cash-Out Refinance
Orlovista, FL

SBA 7(a) Industrial Property Refinance
Bloomer, WI

SBA 7(a) Restaurant Working Capital
Philadelphia, PA

SBA 7(a) Liquor Store Purchase
Detroit, MI

SBA 7(a) Trucking Co. MCA Consol.
Colton, CA

SBA 7(a) Tech. Distributor Debt Consol.
Fayetteville, AR

SBA 7(a) Petroleum Co. MCA Consol.
Randolph County, IL

Bus. Term Law Firm Working Cap.
Pasadena, CA

SBA 7(a) Auto-Service Purchase
Springfield, NJ

NOO SFR Purchase & Rehab
Cedar Hill, TX

NOO SFR Refinance Cash-Out
Coldspring, TX

NOO SFR Refinance Cash-Out
Charlotte, NC

NOO SFR Purchase & Rehab
Upper Marlboro, MD

Gas Station Refinance Cash-Out
Northridge, CA

Investment Resi. Blanket Refi.
Altadena & Mammoth Lakes, CA

SBA 7(a) Gas Station Refi. Cash-Out
Killeen, TX

SBA 7(a) Warehouse Purchase
Federal Way, WA

SBA 7(a) Flagged Hotel Purchase
Dowagiac, MI

Business Term Construction Co.
Ralph, AL

Bus. Term Christmas Tree Delivery Co.
Salt Lake City, UT

SBA 7(a) Restaurant Cash-Out Refinance
Covington, KY

SBA 7(a) Metal Fabricator Expansion
Mooresboro, NC

Office Building Cash-Out Refinance
Greensboro, NC

Business Term Daycare Working Capital
Mableton, GA

Retail Condo Cash-Out Refinance
Greensboro, NC

Bus. Term Auto-Service Working Cap.
Hurst, TX

Bus. Term Trucking Co. Working Cap.
Colton, CA

Office Condo Cash-Out Refinance
Greensboro, NC

SBA 7(a) Used Auto Sales Construction
Lowell, MA

SBA 7(a) ISP Co. Working Capital
Carbondale, AZ

Bus. Term Roofing Co. Working Cap.
Kailua, HI

Mobile Home Park Bridge Loan
Salisbury, NC

SBA 7(a) Transportation Co. Debt Refi.
Glen Mills, PA

Bus. Term Wellness Co. Working Cap.
Los Angeles, CA

Dental Practice MCA Consolidation
Orange, TX

SBA 7(a) Medical Practice Expansion
Hawthorne, CA

Bus. Term Marketing Co. Working Cap.
Boca Raton, FL

Bus. Term Trucking Co. Working Cap.
Harrisburg, OR

Bus. Term Gas Co. Start-up Capital
Voorhees, NJ

Bus. Term Tree Service Working Cap.
Lancaster, CA

Multifamily Cash-Out Refinance
Shelby, NC

Due Diligence Cost Bridge Financing
Charlotte, NC

Bus. Term Logging Co. Working Cap.
Lawrenceville, VA

Bus. Term Trucking Co. Working Cap.
Suwanee, GA

Bus. Term Home Care Working Cap.
Coral Gables, FL

SBA 7(a) Motel Cash-Out Refinance
Waco, TX

Bus. Term Logging Co. Working Cap.
Brodnax, VA

Bus. Term Real Estate Co. Working Cap.
Herrin, IL

Retail Store Cash-Out Refinance
Los Angeles, CA

Bus. Term Vacation Co. Working Cap.
Bakersfield, FL

Mixed-Use Cash-Out Refinance
Brookdale, CA

Bus. Term Logging Co. Equipment.
Bolton, NC

Bus. Term Social Services Working Cap.
Las Vegas, NV

SBA 7(a) Inn Cash-Out Refinance
Olympia, WA

SBA 7(a) Warehouse Purchase
Perrysburg, OH

NOO SFR Purchase & Rehab
Beaufort, SC

Bus. Term Logging Co. Working Cap.
Appomattox, VA

Business Term Attorney Working Cap.
Nyack, NY

NOO SFR Refinance & Rehab
Norwich, CT

NOO SFR Purchase & Rehab
Gastonia, NC

NOO SFR Purchase & Rehab
Westmont, IL

Bus. Term Temp Agency Working Cap.
Twin Falls, ID

Bus. Term Trailer Park Working Cap.
Salisbury, NC

Bus. Term RE Mgmt. Working Cap.
Gresham, OR

Bus. Term Auto-Dealer Working Cap.
Boise, ID

Bus. Term Auto-Dealer Working Cap.
Tuskegee, AL

Bus. Term Sports Agency Working Cap.
Carlsbad, CA

Business Term Adult Care Expansion
Niles, OH

SBA 7(a) Trucking Co. Expansion
Brookings, OR

SBA 7(a) Assisted Living Refinance
Santa Barbara, CA

Business Term Retail Working Cap.
Jamaica, NY

Business Term Freight Co. Working Cap.
Frisco, TX

NOO 3 Family Cash-Out Refinance
Philadelphia, PA

SBA 7(a) Retail Cash-Out Refinance
Daytona Beach, FL

NOO SFR Cash-Out Refinance
Owing Mills, MD

Business Term Refrigeration Co.
Fredericksburg, VA

Auto Repair Business Term
Seattle, WA

Construction Co. Business Term
Dayton, OH

Steel Manufacturer Business Term
Mooresboro, NC

NOO SFR Purchase & Rehab
Cambridge, MA

Vending Co. Business Term
North Hampton, NH

NOO Condo Cash-Out Refinance
Chicago, IL

Office Condo Purchase
Margate, FL

Restaurant Business Term
Mandeville, LA

NOO Condo Cash-Out Refinance
Danbury, CT

Gymnastics Co. Business Term
Columbia, MD

NOO Duplex Cash-Out Refinance
Redmond, WA

NOO SFR Purchase
Athens, GA

Wine Co. Business Term
San Rafael, CA

SBA 7(a) Medical Office Purchase
Lafayette, LA

NOO SFR Cash-Out Refinance
Tacoma, WA

NOO SFR Cash-Out Refinance
Belleair Bluffs, FL

Commercial Condo Purchase
San Francisco, CA

Warehouse Purchase
Oakland, CA

Restaurant Business Term
Agoura Hills, CA

Lumber Co. Business Term
San Francisco, CA

SBA 7(a) Medical Office Purchase
Revere, MA

Marine Co. Business Express
Ontario, Canada

Landscape Co. Business Express
Lewisville, TX

SBA 7(a) Market Purchase
New Brunswick, NJ

Salon Business Express
Chicago, IL

Bowling Alley Purchase
Susanville, CA

Office Building Refinance Cash-Out
Los Angeles, CA

Sanitation Co. Business Express
Covington, LA

Office Condo Purchase & Construction
Roseville, CA

IT Company Business Term
Weehawken, NJ

Elder Care Business Express
Los Angeles, CA

Distributor Business Express
Gilbert, AZ

Trucking Co. Business Term
Suwanee, GA

Tour Operator Business Express
Cape Canaveral, FL

Pizzeria Private Business Term
Orlando, FL

Insurance Broker Business Term
Moon Township, PA

Retail Cash-Out Refinance
Killeen, TX

Office Cash-Out Refinance
Marlton, NJ

Furniture Store Business Term
South Venice, FL

SBA 7(a) Bar Cash-Out Refinance
Bowling Green, OH

Auto-Service Business Term
Seattle, WA

Wholesaler Business Term
Warwick, RI

Interior Design Private Business Term
Phoenix, AZ

NOO SFR Cash-Out Refinance
Brimfield, MA

Auto Dealer Business Express
Orlando, FL

Home Based IT Business Express
Sterling, VA

Restaurant Business Express
Stone Mountain, GA

NOO Condo Cash-Out Refinance
Los Angeles, CA

NOO SFR Cash-Out Refinance
Wyckoff, NJ

Home Renovation Business Term
Manahawkin, NJ

Daycare Business Express
Columbus, OH

Industrial Cash-Out Refinance
Massillon, OH

Daycare Business Express
Columbus, OH

2 Family Cash-Out Refinance
Staten Island, NY

SBA 7(a) Auto-Service Purchase
Federal Way, WA

Health Club Business Express
Bellerose, NY

Auto-Service Cash-Out Refinance
University Place, WA

Restaurant Business Express
Gilbert, AZ

3 Family Cash-Out Refinance
Cuyahoga County, OH

3 Family Cash-Out Refinance
Newark, NJ

Bar & Restaurant Cash-Out Refinance
Eastlake, OH

Hotel Business Express
Kernersville, NC

Tech Export Co. Business Term
Acworth, GA

Contractor Business Express
Elgin, IL

Preschool Cash-Out Refinance
Jonesboro, GA

Land Refinance
Dana Point, CA

Church Refinance
Jackson, TN

SBA 7(a) Un-Flagged Hotel Refinance
Saratoga Springs, NY

SBA 7(a) Resort Refinance
Sequim, WA

NOO Condo Refinance
Mililani, HI

Multifamily Purchase
Apex, NC

Restaurant Business Term
Punta Gorda, FL

Retail Refinance
Canastota, NY

NOO SFR Purchase
Chicago, IL

Restaurant Refinance
Stockbridge, GA

Healthcare Co. Business Express
Auburn, WA

Multifamily Purchase
Raleigh, NC

Hotel Refinance
Charlotte, NC

Retail Refinance
Daytona Beach, FL

NOO SFR Purchase
Roselle Park, NJ

Auto-Service Refinance
Boston, MA

Mobile Home Park Refinance
Newton, NC

Hotel Purchase
Sheboygan, WI



Noah Grayson
President, Founder

Richard Sabrowske
EVP, Director of Operations

Myron Alford
VP, Real Estate Lending

Michael McGee
AVP, Closing Division


Matthew Naughton
SVP, SBA/Business Lending

Antoine Anderson
Account Director

David Paylor
Account Executive


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SECC is seeking dedicated, personable and self-starting professionals to join our growing team. If you possess the skills necessary to originate and develop a robust loan pipeline and promptly and courteously attend to clients, or are an experienced and proficient processor or underwriter, we’d love to hear from you: careers[at]southendcapital.com


Listed here are the most commonly asked questions about who we are and how we operate. If you have a question that is not found here, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to address it.

Is SECC a lender or a broker?

SECC is a licensed lender and broker under California Finance Lenders License # 603 L334. SECC funds non-conforming commercial, residential investment and business loans in markets nationwide. SECC also functions as a correspondent or preferred origination source for a small group of banks, institutional lenders, investment funds and private finance companies. In states where SECC is not licensed as a mortgage lender or mortgage broker (and licensing is required), SECC acts strictly as a loan packager for, or a referral source to, those entities licensed to lend.

Why should I work with SECC over other lenders?

If you are a broker or borrower looking for financing in this market, you know the process can be difficult and painstaking. The loan programs SECC offers are genuine, competitive (or more than competitive), and they perform. We handle the heavy lifting so that you can focus your efforts on what’s most important to you. We also offer approved partners fee incentives and provide marketing tools, support and excellent service.

Does SECC charge upfront fees?

Once SECC has analyzed a loan submission and determined its eligibility for financing, a Conditional Financing Approval (CPL) and/or a Letter of Interest (LOI) is issued. Upon acceptance and signing of the CPL, no upfront fees are required. Upon acceptance and signing of an LOI, the borrower will be required to pay a non-refundable underwriting or appraisal fee ranging from $0 to $2,500 depending on loan program applied for. Refunds will not be issued on transactions that do not close because of borrower/broker misrepresentation, cancellation, delays, inability to meet documentation or information requests, omission or fraud, or due to adverse results of third-party reports. A previously submitted underwriting or appraisal fee will be returned in the event that a loan does not close due to SECC error or failure to perform as outlined in the LOI.

Does SECC charge loan points and/or fees at closing?

For our permanent loan programs, SECC is compensated directly by our investors or from the sale of our loans, thus we do not ordinarily charge the borrower any excessive points or fees. For our short-term, SBA or third-party loan programs, SECC charges market fees. We will always provide a fee quote upfront upon request so there are no surprises for the broker or borrower.

How long does it take to close a loan with SECC?

It takes approximately 1-4 weeks to close a non-conforming commercial or non-owner occupied residential loan transaction. SBA transactions can take anywhere from 30-90 days.

Does SECC issue forward commitments?

No. A loan commitment will never be issued for your transaction unless it is ready for closing.

Does SECC offer loan programs outside of the United States?

We offer loan programs in all 50 states, and most domestic primary, secondary and tertiary U.S. markets. We do not offer any loan programs in any other countries.

What collateral will SECC lend against?

Only commercial real estate, 1 to 4 unit non-owner occupied residential properties held (or to be acquired) for investment purposes, businesses and business assets are eligible for financing under our programs. We do not offer financing on owner occupied residential properties, securities or any other types of collateral.

How do I get approved as a partner with SECC?

If you are a lender, mortgage/loan broker, ISO, finance professional or entrepreneur looking to leverage our non-conforming real estate and business loan programs to increase your revenue, then click here to register and be reviewed for approval as a partner (there is no cost to register). Once approved you will be eligible to receive competitive referral fees from successful loan closings you brokered and/or referred to us.

Are mortgage brokers or third parties ever considered representatives, partners, agents or employees of SECC?

No. No entity or individual other than SECC’s sole principal, Noah Grayson, has any authority to make statements, representations, negotiate terms of a letter of interest or accept payments on behalf of SECC. SECC has no subsidiaries, partners, parent companies or agents, and only those individuals listed on the SECC website and who have a southendcapital.com email extension and SECC phone number, are authorized to transact business for SECC. Any third parties found to be making claims of affiliation with SECC, or representations on behalf of SECC, will be viewed as having committed fraud and be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. If you feel you have encountered individuals or entities committing such fraud or falsely identifying themselves as connected to SECC, please contact Noah Grayson immediately at noah[at]southendcapital.com.


SBA/Business Financing: bizloans[at]southendcapital.com

Real Estate Financing: creloans[at]southendcapital.com

General Inquiries: info[at]southendcapital.com

(888) 268-7778


Locations in CA, CT, OH, RI & SC

Corporate Mailing Address:

5 River Rd., Suite # 154

Wilton, CT 06897