South End Capital Closes a $1,205,000, 167% LTV Loan Secured by a 5 Acre Dog Kennel Located in Rural CA

We provided a $1,205,000, 167% LTV loan which included about $300K of working capital and consolidated $900K of debt. The property housed the borrower’s business and primary residence. Monthly business debt was reduced from roughly $14K to $9K. The final rate was 8.25% and was amortized over 25 years. 

South End Capital Funds a $435,000 Permanent Mortgage Secured by a Used Auto Dealership

We are pleased to announced the funding of this low documentation refinance loan secured by a 3 building property comprised of a used auto dealership, an auto-body shop and an auto-paint shop. The co-borrower had a 667 credit score but we underwrote the primary borrower’s higher score and provided a 5 year fixed, 30 year amortized loan at 7.5%.

South End Capital Announces a Selection of Recent Subprime SBA Loan Closings

South End Capital has recently announced the closing of 6 subprime SBA loan closings. These loans were provided to business owners who were previously shutout of financing from other SBA lenders. Borrowers with low credit, past derogatory issues, and unique situations are all considered under South End Capital’s program.

South End Capital Extends its SBA Underwriting Fee Waiver to Include First Responders

Starting today our SBA underwriting fee will be waived for first responders (police, firefighters and EMS). This fee waiver will constitute a savings of up to $2,500, and will enable first responders to proceed through our SBA loan process up until the issuance of a loan commitment, with zero out-of-pocket costs.

South End Capital Waives its SBA Underwriting Fee for Veterans of the US Armed Services

Starting today our SBA underwriting fee will be waived for any veteran of the US armed services. This fee waiver will constitute a savings of up to $2,500, and will enable veterans to proceed through our SBA loan process up until the issuance of a loan commitment, with zero out-of-pocket costs.

South End Capital Funds a $502,500 Warehouse Cash-Out Refinance Loan

We refinanced the 1st mortgage on this TX warehouse, paid off $109K of IRS tax liens and provided $15K of cash-out. We required no tax returns for this 75% LTV loan and we delivered a 5 year fixed, 30 year amortized rate at 8.625%.

LendVer Names South End Capital its 2019 Best Commercial Real Estate Lender

LendVer evaluated many commercial real estate lenders and awarded South End Capital the 2019 Best Commercial Real Estate Lender due to its flexible and innovative programs, its speed of execution and its customer service.

South End Capital Closes 2 Subprime SBA Working Capital Loans

We are pleased to announce that we have provided $230,000 to a Gas Station / C-Store and $220,000 to an Emergency Response Service via our Subprime SBA program. Both loans carried an 8.25% interest rate, were amortized over 10 years and had no prepay penalty.

US Business News Names South End Capital the 2019 Best Non-Conforming Commercial Real Estate Lender

US Business News issued a press release today announcing the winners of their 2019 Finance Elite Awards. South End Capital led the pack in the non-conforming commercial real estate category and was further selected as a featured lender in their awards publication. Noah Grayson, South End Capital’s President was interviewed for the article.

South End Capital Funds a $252,000 Warehouse Purchase Permanent Mortgage in 29 Days

In 29 days we funded $252,000 for a 70% LTV auto-repair warehouse purchase loan for a borrower with 654 credit, who wanted a fast and affordable permanent mortgage. We underwrote off bank statements only and paid for the appraisal upfront (The borrower only paid $500 out-of-pocket which we credited back at closing). The interest rate was 9%, fixed for 5 years and amortized over 30 years.

South End Capital Celebrates a Decade of Service with 30-Year Fixed Commercial Mortgage Rollout

South End Capital Corporation (SECC), the innovative, non-conforming real estate and business lender, commemorated its 10th year in business on February 21 with the launch of a new 30-year fixed small-balance commercial mortgage product. To celebrate, the company is also lowering rates….

South End Capital Announces $6,083,000 in Recent Subprime SBA Business Loan Closings

Below is a selection of our recent Subprime SBA business loan closings. These loans for non-conforming borrowers, carried an 8.25% rate, were amortized over 10 or 25 years and most had no prepay penalty.

South End Capital Announces New Silver and Gold Referral Partner Levels

We’ve introduced the following new SILVER and GOLD level incentives to reward our partners who refer us repeat business…

South End Capital Celebrates 10 Years in Business!

Thank you to our valued Referral Partners, Borrowers, Colleagues and Friends for your support over the past 10 years. We look forward to many more great years to come!

South End Capital Funds $700,000 and $500,500 Non-Conforming Bar & Restaurant Loans

We funded this $700,000, 70% LTV purchase loan in 28 days, with no tax returns and based on bank statement income only. We provided a 5 year fixed loan, amortized over 30 years at just 6.875%.