Senate Passes the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act in the Senate (the “CARES Act”), South End Capital to Participate

Last night the Senate passed the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act (the “CARES Act”), that should it become law (the House will vote on Friday), would expand allowable uses of 7(a) loans to include payroll support (including paid sick or medical leave), employee salaries, mortgage payments, insurance premiums and any other debt obligations.

South End Capital Announces its Scotsman Guide March Featured Done Deal, a $768,000 Multifamily Loan Closing in Georgia

We’re proud to announce our recent Scotsman Guide March Featured Done Deal! We provided a $768,000 multifamily loan via our small balance real estate program. We are actively lending, and our remote staff is ready to help you! We charge no upfront fees, applying with us won’t affect your credit and takes only about 1 to 5 minutes.   

EIN PRESSWIRE: South End Capital Provides a $917,000 Restaurant Loan, and a $1,825,000 Restaurant and Motel Loan During Crisis

South End Capital, a nationwide, non-conforming lender providing commercial real estate mortgages, subprime SBA loans, and business financing, has announced its second restaurant loan funding in less than a week.

“Yesterday, while we were delivering $917,000 to an Ohio restaurant in great need of financing, we received news that 3 large national business lenders had terminated lending, and dozens more have put funding on hold” said Noah Grayson, President of South End Capital. “I founded South End Capital in 2009 to help small business owners access capital in times just like these. Our lights are on and we are actively lending.”

South End Capital Announces a $917,000 Restaurant Loan Funding Yesterday (03/23/2020), The 2nd Restaurant Loan Funding Announcement by the Firm in Less Than a Week

$431K refinanced the restaurant’s mortgage, $225K paid off existing SBA loans, $156K paid off a 19.7% business loan + other debt, and the balance was for working capital and closing costs. We delivered a 6% rate, 25 year am., and 100% LTC.

South End Capital President, Noah Grayson, Interviewed for ISS Article: Why a Nonconforming Loan Can Be a Sly Strategy to Buy Your Next Self-Storage Facility

What if I said you could get a loan to buy a self-storage facility in three to six weeks, start to finish, even if you have credit issues, with more flexible terms than you could get from a bank? If you don’t know much about nonconforming loans, you might say I’m crazy—crazy like a fox, that is.

South End Capital Announces Important News Pertaining to SBA Disaster Relief Loans

Yesterday, the Congressional Small Business Task Force unveiled a $300B Emergency Coronavirus Relief Package as part of the Keeping Workers Paid and Employed Act, Division A of the CARES Act, This includes:

South End Capital Provides a $1,825,000 Restaurant Loan in Illinois Amid COVID-19 Restaurant Closures

We provided $400K to refinance the borrower’s existing restaurant, and $1.26M to purchase a vacant restaurant, 8-room motel, and single family home to start a new business. $125K of working capital was also funded. A 92.8% LTC, 6% rate, and 25-year amortization were delivered.

The SBA Releases Updated, More Relaxed Criteria for Disaster Assistance Loans

Yesterday the SBA released updated, and more relaxed criteria for Disaster Assistance Loans. The SBA will provide this funding directly, not through us or any other lenders. Your welfare is very important to us, so we wanted to make sure you had this information. 

South End Capital is Actively Lending to Small Businesses Including Those Affected by the Coronavirus

“Over the last week we’ve been contacted by numerous small business owners seeking disaster relief loans, because they have experienced a sudden decline in their revenue due to rapidly deteriorating economic conditions brought on by the coronavirus” said Noah Grayson, President of South End Capital. “I founded South End Capital in 2009 during the midst of the Great Recession, and developed our loan programs to accommodate small business owners and real estate investors who need affordable access to capital in times just like these.”

South End Capital Closes a $3,300,000 Alaska Strip Mall Refinance Loan + a $182,650 Stated Income Rural Motel Purchase Loan

We closed a 6.5% rate, 10-year fixed, 25-year amortized, 74% LTV investment property loan. Barriers included collateral located in Alaska, low documentation underwriting, and a high LTV.

South End Capital Closes Subprime SBA Loans for an Equestrian Facility, Gas Station, Funeral Home, and Coaching Business

Below area selection of subprime SBA loans we recently closed. Also, we’re extending our underwriting fee waiver indefinitely. Apply with no risk and pay $0 until you receive a loan commitment (or a decline if ineligible).

South End Capital Closes a $5,000,000 Subprime SBA Equipment Loan for a Crane Co.

This 7.5% rate, 10 year term loan, had no prepay penalty, consolidated ~$4M of debt, and provided ~$1M for working capital and equipment. There was no real estate collateral except a small 3rd lien filed on the borrower’s home. This business had a $600K+ 2018 loss, and borrower credit was <650.

South End Capital Releases Groundbreaking New “Unconventional” Conventional Business Loan Program for Non-Conforming Borrowers

Have you ever tried to get a conventional business or SBA loan but couldn’t qualify, or just didn’t want to deal with all the paperwork? Our new “unconventional” conventional program, has all the benefits of bank or SBA financing, but is NOT bank or SBA financing. 

South End Capital’s President, Noah Grayson, Interviewed for House Cashin’s Recent Article, “9 Experts’ Tips on How to Get a Hard Money Loan to Flip a House in 2020”

Locating a hard money loan to fix and flip an investment property may seem like a daunting task. There are so many lenders on the internet offering all types of programs, but don’t get distracted by gimmicks or teaser rates.

South End Capital Increases its Stated Income Real Estate Loan Maximum to $7,500,000

These are no credit score minimum, no tax return purchase, refinance, or cash-out loans up to 80% LTV, with rates from 5.75% fixed for up to 30 years, on the below property types.