Bankable Terms for Un-Bankable Borrowers

South End Capital Corporation (SECC), founded in February of 2009, is a direct commercial real estate lender providing non-conforming real estate loans up to $5 million nationwide and offering SBA 7(a) and private business loans in participation with third-party investors.

SECC offers easy online applications, excellent service, prompt responses, generous compensation to approved partners, and a variety of competitive programs.

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Real Estate
SBA 7(a)

SECC’s Real Estate Program is perfect for non-conforming or self-employed borrowers, or for borrowers who need competitive terms, but just miss qualifying for bank financing. Borrowers who are difficult to finance or who just want a quick, headache free close, are an excellent fit too! Purchase and refinance loans secured by residential and commercial property used for business or investment purposes are considered in markets nationwide. Loans are approved on stated information and underwritten with a common sense approach.

  • $50,000 to $5,000,000
  • 6.99%+ Rates
  • 580+ Credit
  • Close in 2 to 4 Weeks
  • Stated Underwriting
  • LTVs to 75%
  • Earn up to 3%
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SECC’s SBA 7(a) Program is ideal for experienced entrepreneurs who have been turned down by other SBA lenders or banks, but still need the benefits only available through SBA financing. Our program has a low credit score minimum, no geographic restrictions, no restricted industries (other than those deemed ineligible by the SBA) and no collateral requirement.

  • $250,000 to $5,000,000
  • 4.75%+ Rates
  • 500+ Credit
  • LTVs to 90%
  • Nationwide Footprint
  • Most Businesses Considered
  • Earn up to 1%
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SECC’s Private Money Business Program is NOT a merchant cash advance, factoring or SBA loan program, but an innovative private-money alternative with limited documentation required, minimal or no prepay penalties, no out-of-pocket fees or closing costs and funding time frames as fast as two (2) days. This is a nationwide loan program, most industries will be considered and no real estate collateral is required.

  • $5,000 to $500,000
  • 6%+ Rates
  • 500+ Credit
  • 1 to 5 Year Terms
  • Monthly Payment Options
  • Most Industries Eligible
  • Earn up to 6%
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Recent Closings

$200000 Auto Service Private Business Loan WA

Auto-Service Private Business Loan
Seattle, WA

$61000 Private Seafood Business Loan Warwick IL

Wholesaler Private Business Loan
Warwick, RI

$100000 Private Business Loan Interior Designs Phoenix AZ

Interior Design Private Business Loan
Phoenix, AZ

$125000 NOO SFR Brimfield MA

NOO SFR Cash-Out Refinance
Brimfield, MA

$20000 Private Biz Loan Auto Dealer Orlando FL

Auto Dealer Private Business Loan
Orlando, FL

$10000 Private Business Loan Home Based IT Business Sterling VA

Home Based IT Business Private Loan
Sterling, VA

$75000 Restaurant Express Stone Mountain GA

Restaurant Private Business Loan
Stone Mountain, GA

$350000 NOO Condo Cash-Out Refinance Los Angeles CA

NOO Condo Cash-Out Refinance
Los Angeles, CA

$354250 NOO SFR Cash-Out Refinance Wyckoff NJ

NOO SFR Cash-Out Refinance
Wyckoff, NJ


Home Renovation Business Loan
Manahawkin, NJ

$2000 Private Biz Loan Daycare Columbus OH

Daycare Private Business Loan
Columbus, OH

$780000 Industrial Loan Massillon OH

Industrial Cash-Out Refinance
Massillon, OH

$20000 Private Biz Loan Daycare Columbus OH

Daycare Private Business Loan
Columbus, OH


2 Family Cash-Out Refinance
Staten Island, NY

$1166000 Auto-Service Purchase Federal Way WA

Auto-Service Purchase
Federal Way, WA

$50000 Business Loan Bellerose NY

Health Club Private Business Loan
Bellerose, NY


Auto-Service Cash-Out Refinance
University Place, WA


Restaurant Private Business Loan
Gilbert, AZ

$102700 NOO 3 Family Cash-Out Refinance Lakewood OH

3 Family Cash-Out Refinance
Cuyahoga County, OH


3 Family Cash-Out Refinance
Newark, NJ

$435000 Bar & Restaurant Refinance Eastlake OH

Bar & Restaurant Cash-Out Refinance
Eastlake, OH

Hotel Room

Hotel Working Capital
Kernersville, NC

$160000 Business Loan Acworth GA

Private Business Loan
Acworth, GA


Contractor Private Business Loan
Elgin, IL

$169000 Preschool Cash-Out Refinance Jonesboro GA

Preschool Cash-Out Refinance
Jonesboro, GA

$4600000 Land Refinance Dana Point CA

Land Refinance
Dana Point, CA

$30000 Church Refinance Jackson TN

Church Refinance
Jackson, TN

$2875000 Hotel Refinance Saratoga Springs NY

Hotel Refinance
Saratoga Springs, NY

$1207000 Resort Refinance Sequim WA

Resort Refinance
Sequim, WA

$235000 NOO Condo Refinance Mililani HI

NOO Condo Refinance
Mililani, HI

$965812 Multifamily Purchase Apex NC

Multifamily Purchase
Apex, NC

$200000 Business Capital Punta Gorda FL

Business Capital
Punta Gorda, FL

$45000 Retail Refinance Canastota NY

Retail Refinance
Canastota, NY

$1000000 NOO SFR Purchase Chicago IL

NOO SFR Purchase
Chicago, IL

$450000 Restaurant Refinance Stockbridge GA

Restaurant Refinance
Stockbridge, GA

$115000 Business Expansion Auburn WA

Business Expansion
Auburn, WA

$927938 Multifamily Purchase Raleigh NC

Multifamily Purchase
Raleigh, NC

$2415000 Hotel Refinance Charlotte NC

Hotel Refinance
Charlotte, NC

$960000 Retail Refinance Daytona Beach FL

Retail Refinance
Daytona Beach, FL

$235000 NOO SFR Purchase Roselle Park NJ

NOO SFR Purchase
Roselle Park, NJ

$365000 Auto Service Refinance Boston MA

Auto-Service Refinance
Boston, MA

$81000 Mobile Home Park Refinance Newton NC

Mobile Home Park Refinance
Newton, NC

$2261000 Hotel Purchase Sheboygan WI

Hotel Purchase
Sheboygan, WI



Noah Grayson
Managing Director, Founder

Richard Sabrowske
Executive Vice President, Director of Operations

Joel Soforenko
Sr. Vice President, National Sales Director

Antoine Anderson
Sr. Vice President, Third-Party Lending

Matthew Naughton
Vice President, Business Lending


Christopher Wilcsinszky
Account Executive

Ron Vitola
Account Executive

Myron Alford
Account Executive

Louis Jeffries
Account Executive

Steve Deeds
Account Executive

Joe Gilroy
Account Executive

Dallas O’Cannon
Account Executive

Venka Bejgam
Account Executive

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Listed here are the most commonly asked questions about who we are and how we operate. If you have a question that is not found here, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to address it.

Is SECC a direct lender?

Yes. SECC is a direct lender licensed under California Finance Lenders License # 603 L334. SECC funds non-conforming and private money loans from $50,000 to $5 million in markets nationwide. SECC also functions as a correspondent and preferred origination point for a small group of banks, institutional lenders, investment funds and private finance companies. In states where SECC is not licensed as a commercial mortgage lender or commercial mortgage broker (and licensing is required), SECC acts strictly as a loan packager for, or a referral source to, those entities licensed to lend on commercial real estate.

Why should I work with SECC over other lenders?

If you are a broker or borrower looking for financing in this market, you know the process can be difficult and painstaking. The loan programs SECC offers are genuine, competitive (or more than competitive), and they perform. We handle the majority of the process so that you can focus your efforts on what’s most important to you. We also offer approved partners fee incentives and provide a full suite of customizable loan documents, marketing tools and support.

Does SECC charge upfront fees?

Once SECC has analyzed a loan submission and determined its eligibility for financing, a Letter of Interest (LOI) is issued. Upon acceptance and signing of the LOI, the borrower will be required to pay a non-refundable underwriting and/or appraisal fee ranging from $0.00 to $2,750.00 depending on the loan size and complexity of the transaction. Refunds will not be issued on transactions that do not close because of borrower/broker misrepresentation, cancellation, delays, inability to meet documentation or information requests, omission or fraud, or due to adverse results of third-party reports. A previously submitted underwriting or appraisal fee will be returned only in the rare event that a loan does not close due to SECC error or failure to perform as outlined in the LOI.

Does SECC charge loan points and/or fees at closing?

In most situations, SECC is compensated directly by our investors or from the sale of our loans, thus we do not ordinarily charge the borrower any excessive points or fees. We will always provide a fee quote up front upon request so there are no surprises for the broker or borrower.

How long does it take to close a loan with SECC?

We have closed private money (bridge) real estate loans in as little as 1-2 weeks, and private money business loans in as fast as 1-2 days. On average it takes approximately 2-4 weeks to close a Stated Non-Conforming loan transaction. SBA transactions can take anywhere from 45-90 days.

Does SECC issue forward commitments?

No. A loan commitment will never be issued for your transaction unless it is presently ready for closing and funding.

Does SECC offer loan programs outside of the United States?

No. We offer loan programs in all 50 states, and most domestic primary, secondary and tertiary markets, but we do not offer any loan programs in any other countries, under any circumstances.

What collateral will SECC lend against?

Only commercial real estate, 1 to 4 unit residential properties held (or to be acquired) for investment or business purposes, businesses and business assets are eligible for financing under our programs. We do not offer financing on owner occupied residential properties, securities or any other types of collateral.

Does it cost money to become a partner with SECC?

No. Simply contact us to let us know that you would like to be set up as a partner, and we will forward the documentation and/or information requests necessary for your approval; there is no cost.

Are mortgage brokers or third parties ever considered representatives, partners, agents or employees of SECC?

No. No entity or individual other than SECC’s sole principal, Noah Grayson, has any authority to make statements, representations, negotiate terms of a letter of interest or accept payments on behalf of SECC. SECC has no subsidiaries, partners, parent companies or agents, and only those individuals listed on the SECC website and who have a southendcapital.com email extension and SECC phone number, are authorized to transact business for SECC. Any third parties found to be making claims of affiliation with SECC, or representations on behalf of SECC, will be viewed as having committed fraud and be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. If you feel you have encountered individuals or entities committing such fraud or falsely identifying themselves as connected to SECC, please contact Noah Grayson immediately at noah@southendcapital.com or (888) 268-7778 x 5.