Bankable Terms for Un-Bankable Borrowers

Founded in 2009, South End Capital is a nationwide, non-conforming lender and intermediary. We offer mortgages secured by commercial and investment residential real estate, and collateralized and uncollateralized business loans. Our technology-enabled platform delivers a streamlined loan process, and we are committed to providing excellent service and innovative financing that is affordable for all.

Business.com, Fit Small Business, US Business News, and LendVer have each recognized us as one of the premier lenders in the country.

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Loan Programs

Real Estate
Working Capital

We offer streamlined stated income, full and low documentation mortgages for commercial and investment residential property (no personal residences). Low credit, back taxes, special-purpose property, and other financing barriers can be considered. Purchase, refinance, renovation, fix-and-flip, and cash-out loans are available nationwide (geographic restrictions may apply). We provide short-term and long-term mortgages secured by:

Investment Residential 1 to 4 Units, Multifamily 5+ Units, Mixed-Use, Office, Retail, Warehouse, Industrial, Mobile Home Park, Self-Storage, Automotive, Daycare, Restaurant, Bar, Hospitality, Funeral Homes, Campgrounds, Gas Stations, etc. 

  • $250,000 to $20 Million
  • No Tax Returns Required
  • Rates Start at 3.5%
  • Up To 80% LTV
  • 1, 3, 5, 15 & 30 Years Fixed
  • 15, 25, & 30 Years Amortized
  • Interest Only Available
  • No Credit Score Minimum
  • Foreign Nationals
  • Close in 2 to 4 Weeks
  • No Upfront Fees
  • No Upfront Credit Check
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The SBA is waiving guarantee fees, and will make the first 3 payments for new SBA 7(a) loans funded before 9/30/2021.

As a leading SBA loan intermediary, we’ve closed over $300 million of loans for business owners that were turned-down by other SBA and conforming lenders due to poor credit, limited collateral, low cash-flow, a past bankruptcy or foreclosure, a unique business, special-purpose property, or other issues.

Funds can be used for any business purpose such as to purchase or construct real estate, buy equipment or a business, for working capital, to refinance debt, or consolidate merchant cash advances. Apply below, you pay no upfront fees and your credit won’t be affected. 

  • $250,000 to $20 Million
  • Rates Start at 5%
  • Monthly Payments
  • No Prepay Penalty Options
  • 10 to 30 Years Amortized
  • 600 Credit Minimum
  • Most Businesses Eligible 
  • Unrestricted Working Capital
  • 2 Year+ Time in Business
  • Nationwide Program
  • No or Low Collateral
  • Up to 150% LTV (as little as 0% down on a purchase)
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If you need affordable business financing, but can’t qualify for an SBA loan or don’t have time to wait for one—then you’ve come to the right place!

Compare options from 100+ lenders to quickly receive funds to meet payroll, purchase or refinance equipment, obtain working capital, refinance debt, establish a credit line, finance accounts receivable, and more.

Click below to learn more and find the loan that’s right for you. There are no upfront fees and applying won’t affect your credit.

  • $1,000 to $10 Million
  • Multiple Financing Options
  • Short and Long-Term Loans
  • 550 Credit Minimum
  • Most Businesses Eligible 
  • Unrestricted Working Capital
  • Nationwide Program
  • Low Documentation
  • No Collateral Required
  • Get Funds as Fast as 1 Day
  • 6 Month+ Time in Business
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The SBA is no longer accepting PPP applications except from Community Financial Institutions. South End Capital’s PPP application has closed.

You can still apply for an SBA 7(a) loan up to $5 million, and the SBA is waiving guarantee fees and making the first 3 payments on new loans funded before 9/30/2021.

If you need affordable business financing, but can’t qualify for an SBA loan or don’t have time to wait for one—then apply for business working capital up to $10 million, and receive funds in as fast as 24 hours.

  • Loans up to $2 Million
  • Most Businesses Eligible
  • No Collateral Required
  • No Personal Guarantee
  • No Credit Score Minimum
  • 1st & 2nd Loans Available 
  • 1% Interest Rate
  • Loan Maturity up to 5 Years
  • Borrowers Pay Zero Fees
  • 100% Forgiveness Available
  • Businesses Must be Open as of 2/15/20
PPP Closed

Recent Closings

Advertising Co.
12-Month Business Term Loan
Unrestricted Working Capital
Boca Raton, FL

Construction Co.
SBA 7(a) Land Purchase, M & E, AP
6%, 10-Year Amortization
Bath, NY

Retail Cash-Out Refinance
5-Year Fixed / 30 Year Am.
6.625%, 75% LTV
Elyria, OH

Nail Salon & Spa
SBA 7(a) Real Estate Refinance
6%, 25-Year Amortization
Atlanta, GA

Rental Single Family Home
30-Year Fixed Mortgage
10.24%, Stated Income
Miami, FL

Multifamily 5+ Units
30-Year Fixed Mortgage
7.99%, Stated Income
Whittier, CA

Home Healthcare Co.
SBA 7(a) RE Purchase / Working Capital
6%, 25-Year Amortization
Maitland, FL

Electrical Contractor
SBA 7(a) Inventory / Working Capital
6%, 10-Year Amortization
Las Vegas, NV

Bar & Restaurant
SBA 7(a) Real Estate Purchase
6%, 25-Year Amortization
Killeen, TX

Nail Salon & Spa
SBA 7(a) Debt Consolidation
6%, 10-Year Amortization
Las Vegas, NV

Software Co.
SBA 7(a) Working Capital
6%, 10-Year Amortization
Las Vegas, NV

Retail Strip-Mall Blanket
5/25 Fixed Mortgage
7.50%, Low-Documentation
Charlotte, NC & Roanoke, VA

Retail/Office/Church Refinance
30-Year Fixed Mortgage
8.99%, No Tax Returns
Marrero, LA

Restaurant, Bar & Grill
SBA 7(a) Refinance/Debt Consolidation
6%, 25-Year Amortization
Lexington, OH

Restaurant, Motel, SFR
SBA 7(a) Purchase/Refinance
6%, 25-Year Amortization
Stone Park, IL

Strip Mall Refinance
10/25 Fixed Mortgage
6.5%, Low-Documentation
Anchorage, AK

Gas Station
SBA 7(a) Working Capital
Wilmington, NC

Equestrian Facility
SBA 7(a) Land Purchase/Construction
Magnolia, TX

Crane Company
SBA 7(a) Debt Refinance/Equipment
La Mirada, CA

Driving School / Raw Land
SBA 7(a) Debt Consolidation
Sacramento, CA

Funeral Home
SBA 7(a) Debt Consolidation
Riverdale, MD

Technology Co.
SBA 7(a) Debt Refinance/Equipment
Ammon, ID

Auto Body Shop Refinance
Small Balance Commercial
Chicago, IL

Multifamily Cash-Out Refinance
Small Balance Commercial
Marietta, GA

Single Family Cash-Out Refinance
Small Balance Investment Residential
Bonita Springs, FL

Light Industrial Purchase
Small Balance Commercial
South Gate, CA

Oral & Facial Surgery Clinic
SBA 7(a) Cash-Out Refinance
Mooresville, NC

Veterinarian Clinic Purchase
Small Balance Commercial
Houston, TX

Single Family Cash-Out Refinance
Small Balance Investment Residential
Melrose Park, IL

Daycare Refinance
Small Balance Commercial
Hampton, GA



Noah Grayson
CEO, Founder
Forbes | LinkedIn

Richard Sabrowske
Managing Director

Matthew Naughton
SVP, Sales Director

Myron Alford
SVP, Underwriting Manager

Michael McGee
VP, Processing Division


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Listed here are the most commonly asked questions about who we are and how we operate. If you have a question that is not found here, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to address it.

Is SECC a lender or a broker?

SECC is a licensed lender and broker under California Financing Law License # 603 L334. SECC funds non-conforming commercial, and investment residential loans in markets nationwide. SECC also functions as a correspondent or preferred origination source for a small group of banks, institutional lenders, investment funds and private finance companies. For SBA loans, Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) loans, and for other loan types SECC does not fund directly; SECC acts strictly as a loan packager for, or a referral source to, those entities licensed to lend.

How do I signup as a Referral Partner with SECC?

If you are a lender, mortgage/loan broker, ISO, finance professional or entrepreneur looking to leverage our non-conforming real estate and business loan programs to increase your revenue, then click here to register and be reviewed for approval as a Referral Partner (there is no cost to register and it only takes a few minutes). Once approved you will be eligible to receive competitive referral fees on loan closings you referred to us, and view the status of your referral pipeline 24/7 in our comprehensive partner portal.

I’m a borrower, broker or lender—why should I work with SECC?

If you are a borrower looking for financing in this market, you know the process can be difficult and confusing. SECC is an experienced lender, founded in 2009, with a focus on customer service, transparency and ethical practices. We have always concentrated on providing non-conforming borrowers the most competitive and affordable loan options, and we have built a reputation as a market leader doing just that (Google us!).

If you are a broker or lender, then you know loan fallout is a costly issue that can be resolved and monetized by the right strategic partner. The loan programs SECC offers are genuine and they perform. We utilize the latest technology to offer our partners the opportunity to convert their leads and fallout into significant revenue. We operate as your back-office so that you can focus your effort on what’s most important to you. We offer competitive referral fees, volume incentives, and additional benefits such as co-branded loan referral links and referral tracking. Once approved you’ll receive access to our innovative partner portal where you can view the status of your referral pipeline 24/7 and manage your account.

Does SECC charge upfront fees?

No. SECC charges no upfront fees, and no due diligence fees are paid to SECC directly. After a borrower signs and accepts an SECC term sheet, he/she will pay any required due diligence fees (if applicable), such as an appraisal or environmental report fee, directly to the third-party vendor or provider.

Does SECC charge loan points and/or fees at closing?

For our commercial real estate loan programs, SECC is usually compensated directly by our investors or from the sale of our loans, thus we do not ordinarily charge the borrower any excessive points or fees. For SBA, business loans, or loan funded by third-party lenders, SECC charges market fees. We will always provide a fee quote upfront upon request so there are no surprises for the broker or borrower.

How long does it take to close a loan with SECC?

It takes approximately 2 to 5 weeks to close a commercial or non-owner occupied residential loan transaction. SBA transactions can take anywhere from 30 to 90+ days. Alternative business financing offered through SECC lending partners, can close in as little as 24 hours.

Does SECC offer loan programs outside of the United States?

We offer loan programs nationwide, and in most domestic primary, secondary and tertiary U.S. markets. We do not offer any loan programs in any other countries.

What collateral will SECC lend against?

Only commercial real estate, 1 to 4 unit non-owner occupied residential properties held (or to be acquired) for investment purposes, businesses and hard business assets (i.e.; equipment, machinery, etc.) are eligible for financing under our programs. SECC can also provide business financing without any collateral in a number of cases. We do not offer financing on owner occupied residential properties, securities or any other types of collateral.

Are Referral Partners, loan brokers, or third parties ever considered representatives, agents or employees of SECC?

SECC has no subsidiaries, parent companies or agents, and only those individuals listed on the SECC website and who have a southendcapital.com email extension and SECC phone number, are authorized to transact business for SECC. SECC approved Referral Partners are only authorized to refer SECC eligible borrowers for potential financing, and SECC approved Referral Partners are independent, third-party individuals and/or companies, are not subsidiaries, agents, or employees of SECC, are not authorized to make representations, or conduct business on SECC’s behalf, nor commit SECC to any obligation. Any third-party found to be making a claim of legal affiliation with SECC, a representation or commitment on behalf of SECC, or requesting funds on behalf of SECC, will be viewed as having committed fraud and be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. If you feel you have encountered an individual or entity committing such fraud, falsely issuing documentation on behalf of SECC, or attempting to collect funds on behalf of SECC, please contact us immediately at info[at]southendcapital.com.


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