South End Capital Closes $200,000 Biz Loan, 5 Year Term, No PPP, Monthly Payment

SECC provided a $200,000 working capital loan for a hotel located in Pennsylvania. The borrower did not have time to wait 60 to 90 days for SBA financing, so SECC delivered a quick unsecured private loan carrying no prepayment penalty and fixed for 5 years.

South End Capital Announces 4 Recent March Loan Closings Totaling $2,543,730

SECC is please to announce four recent closings totaling $2,543,730. This selection of just a few of our March closings demonstrates the diversity and flexibility of our program offerings. SECC’s breadth of programs can assist both stated income and full documentation borrowers, as well as those seeking loans without real estate or hard collateral to pledge.

South End Capital Closes $365,000 SBA 7(a) Refinance of a Used Car Dealership in MA

SECC provided a $365,000 SBA 7(a) loan secured by a used car dealership located outside of Boston, MA. Historically car dealerships have been a difficult asset class to obtain bankable financing for. The multiple liens required to be filed to secure the real estate and inventory, as well as the volatile nature of the industry leaves most lenders on the sidelines, but not SECC.

South End Capital Funds Stated, $235,000 NOO Resi Condo Refi in Hawaii at 6.99% Rate

SECC funded a $235,000 cash-out refinance of non-owner occupied residential condo located in Hawaii. The condo, held for investment purposes, and the Hawaii location left most lenders out of the running for this transaction. Add in the need for a no tax return loan at bankable rates, and the only and best option left for the borrower was SECC.

Stated Income Loans are Back: Noah Grayson Authors Cover Article for Top Agent Magazine™

Like so many other loan programs real estate finance professionals relied on in the recent past (notably sub-prime and alt-a), “stated” income commercial real estate loans were a casualty of the 2008 mortgage meltdown. Soon afterward, mortgage brokers who had previously embraced them for their fast-and-easy closings wouldn’t even utter the term “stated,” it had become so taboo.

Noah Grayson Authors Article in March’s Scotsman Guide: Win the Race Against Time

Brokers and lenders often look ahead at the beginning of the year and set new objectives. With spring just around the corner, it is the perfect time to review those objectives and perform some serious housecleaning. Before your New Years’ ambitions can succeed, you may need to sweep away some old habits that are holding you back.

$48,750 Biz Express Loan Funded in 6 Days, SECC Pays 4% YSP to Submitting Broker

SECC provided a $48,750 private business loan to a medical practice located in New York. The borrower needed funds fast to take advantage of a business opportunity and bank financing was out of the question. SECC had the funds in the borrower’s account in 6 days, and our referral partner earned a nice $2,000 referral fee for passing us the lead.

South End Capital Closes $50,000 Biz Term Loan; No Prepay Penalty & Monthly Payment

SECC provided a $50,000 private business loan to a healthcare company located in Illinois. The borrower needed funds quickly to consolidate debt and some higher interest rate daily ACH loans. SECC provided a quick monthly payment option loan priced at 18.49% and fixed for 3 years.

South End Capital Closes $81,000 Mobile Home Park Refinance

SECC funded an $81,000 rate and term refinance on a mobile home park located in North Carolina. The small loan size, property type and low town population were just a few of the reasons every lender other than SECC had passed on this loan request. For SECC it was just another opportunity to provide a good borrower a good loan.

South End Capital Closes $115,000 Business Express Loan for a Washington Company

A Washington State based healthcare company was in immediate need of capital to meet payroll obligations and couldn’t find a lender able to move quick enough to meets its needs. SECC was about to provide $115,000 in less than a week, on a fixed term loan and with zero out-of-pocket or closing costs to the borrower.

South End Capital Closes $45,000 Cash-Out Refinance of a Retail Store in New York

The borrowers were stuck in a high interest rate private money loan with regular demands coming from their current note holder for payoff when they came to SECC. Comfortable lending in the small loan space, SECC funded a 15 year fixed permanent loan at 11.5%, despite the borrowers 629 credit score and the property being in a town of only 4,700 people.

South End Capital Closes $1,000,000 Investor SFR Purchase Loan in Illinois

A seasoned property investor was finding it difficult to secure bridge financing to acquire a distressed single family residence in Cook County Illinois. Despite the borrower’s track record of rehab success, private lenders back away from this opportunity scared of the County’s declining property values. SECC provided a 70% non-recourse bridge loan at 9% interest only, and with no prepayment penalty.

Small Business Finance Institute (SBFI) Recaps Noah Grayson’s Article About the Rise of Mortgage Fraud

Noah Grayson, managing director and founder of South End Capital Corp., wrote an excellent article for the Scotsman Guide about how the commercial real estate market is experiencing a rise in loan fraud as loan demand has started growing.

South End Capital Closes $50,000 Revolving Business Line of Credit for a Construction Company

A successful Chicago based construction company hit a brick wall when looking for a revolving line of credit to finance one of its projects. SECC, not fearful of the construction industry and demonstrating its flexibility, provided a 12 month prime based revolving line of credit, with no advance cap.

Noah Grayson Authors Article in January’s Scotsman Guide: Mortgage Fraud is No Laughing Matter

With the economy improving and capital beginning to flow back into the commercial loan marketplace, unfortunately, incidences of  mortgage fraud are also rising — and at an alarming rate. Because there is no oversight organization designated to report such cases of fraud, it’s difficult to assign quantifiable statistics to the rate of occurrence in commercial lending.