Noah Grayson, South End Capital’s President Featured in Recent Bigger Pockets Article “Everything Around It is Collapsing, But This One Last Property Type Remains Standing: Retail”

At one point, the pandemic looked like it would be the final nail in the coffin for brick-and-mortar retail, speeding up the shift to e-commerce. But despite the benefits of online shopping, many people still enjoy going to a store to see and feel products up close.

South End Capital Launches Unprecedented 50% Marketplace Revenue Share Promotion for its Partners

South End Capital, a tech-enabled division of Stearns Bank N.A., is proud to announce a revolutionary promotion that will reshape the landscape of partnership lending opportunities. Starting from August 9, 2023, and continuing until October 31, 2023, South End Capital will offer an industry-leading 50% revenue share to partners across all of its marketplace programs, including SBA loans, business loans, commercial real estate loans, employee retention credit (ERC), equipment financing, merchant cash advances (MCAs), and more. This promotion underscores South End Capital’s dedication to collaboration, innovation, and driving unmatched value for its partners.

South End Capital Announces Recent Programs & Closings “We’re Funding What Others Aren’t”

Recent Closings | $19,195,956 – Financing was for the acquisition and renovation of a historic building into a 126-unit apartment complex. The project included state & federal tax credits, Opportunity Zone funds and TIF funding.

South End Capital Announces Recent Closed Employee Retention Credit (ERC) Refunds and Advances

We’ve partnered with an industry-leading Employee Retention Credit (ERC) tax firm to provide eligible business owners a cash refund up to $26,000 per employee in as little as a few days. We’ve already helped get millions of dollars back into the hands of small business owners!

South End Capital Offers Reduced Fee SBA Loans up to $1,000,000

South End Capital is supporting small businesses by promoting the SBA’s guarantee fee waiver on all eligible SBA 7(a) loans up to $500,000—and offering significant guarantee fee waivers for loan sizes up to $1,000,000.

South End Capital Announces a Selection of Recent Closings

In only 6 days we directly closed a 72-month, 11.88% fixed-rate, 0% down equipment financing. We directly closed a 10.75% rate, no prepay penalty, 10-year term, SBA 7(a) franchise start-up. We directly closed an 11.00% rate, no prepay penalty, 10-year term, SBA Express line of credit. Through our marketplace businesses quickly filed for the ERC and will receive a cash tax refund. 

Noah Grayson, South End Capital’s President Authors Recent Scotsman Guide Article “The SBA’s Win-Win Proposition”

It is no secret that rising interest rates have given people cause for concern of late. Borrowers seeking real estate, equipment or business financing are often confronting interest rates not seen in the past decade while those currently in adjustable-rate loans are contending with regularly rising payments.

South End Capital Announces a Selection of Recent Closings

We directly closed a 5-year, 11.098% fixed-rate, 0% down payment equipment purchase financing. We directly closed an 11% rate, no prepay penalty, 10-year term, SBA 7(a) franchise start-up loan. Through our marketplace an interior design business quickly filed for the ERC and will receive a $174,497 cash tax refund. 

South End Capital Features a Selection of Recent Closings

Market conditions aren’t preventing South End Capital from delivering creative financing. We directly closed a 5-year, 11.118% fixed-rate, 0% down payment equipment financing. We also directly closed a 10.75% rate, no prepay penalty, 10-year term, SBA 7(a) business purchase loan.

South End Capital Honors the SBA’s National Small Business Week by Offering NO Fee SBA 7(a) Loans up to $500,000.

Businesses can apply for a no fee SBA 7(a) loan to consolidate debt, access working capital, start a business, purchase a business or equipment, construct, purchase, refinance, or renovate business real estate, and more! Loans over $500,000 are eligible for reduced fees too.

South End Capital Announces Exciting Updates Offering MORE

Keep more money and grow your business with 0% down payment equipment and SBA financing for eligible borrowers. Earn up to 3.20% APY* with a high-yield deposit account or up to 5.06% APY* with a 6-month CD today! Plus, even MORE…

South End Capital Announces a Selection of Recent Financings

We directly closed a 10.75% rate, no prepay penalty, 10-year term, SBA 7(a) debt consolidation loan. We also directly closed a 5-year term, 8.56% rate, 0% down, private-party sale equipment financing and many more transactions.

Stearns Bank Offers FDIC Protection Over $250K

We’re a division of Stearns Bank which is known for having a bulletproof balance sheet and 25% capital without exposure to unrealized losses or the crypto industry. Because of our strength we’re able to offer FDIC protection up to $150 million.

Noah Grayson, President of South End Capital Quoted in Recent article “11 Banks Throw a $30B Lifeline to First Republic. Expect a Volatile Ride for CRE”

Big banks have come with a $30 billion unsecured rescue deposit for First Republic Bank in its efforts to stay afloat. The extraordinary deal involves 11 of the largest banks in the country: Bank of America, Citigroup, JPMorgan Chase and Wells Fargo putting in $5 billion each; Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley with $2.5 billion each; and BNY-Mellon, PNC Bank, State Street, Truist and U.S. Bank with $1 billion each.

Stearns Bank: A Fortress of Strength and a Safe Haven for Depositors

Stearns Bank, N.A., a Minnesota-based financial institution, is echoing its longstanding message of strength and stability amid recent bank shutdowns and the $620 billion “unrealized losses” problem plaguing banks of all sizes – but not Stearns Bank. With its 25% capital and 2.78% reserves, which are consistently 2-3 times stronger than its peers, along with its 3% Return on Assets (ROA) and ultra-clean investment portfolio, Stearns Bank’s bulletproof balance sheet stands out as a fortress of strength in the banking industry.