Commercial Lending Reinvented

South End Capital was founded in 2009 and is a division of Stearns Bank N.A., a $2.2 billion institution. Our innovative direct lending and comprehensive marketplace financing delivers a full spectrum of capital solutions for emerging and expanding businesses. A tech-powered platform and premier customer support offers equal access to industry-leading business, equipment, and real estate funding.

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We offer multiple financing options for businesses including Term Loans, SBA Loans, Advances, Credit Lines, and more! We can even consider borrowers turned down by other lenders due to low credit or other financing barriers.

Funds can be used for any business purpose such as to buy or start a business, for working capital, or to consolidate debt or merchant cash advances.

  • $1,000 to $500,000+
  • No Min. Credit Score
  • Competitive Financing Rates
  • No Collateral Required
  • Streamlined Underwriting
  • No Min. Revenue Required
  • No Min. Time in Business
  • Most Business Types Eligible
  • Nationwide Financing
  • Same-Day Funding Available

Are you seeking flexible access to capital, where you pay only for the funds you need? A revolving business line of credit operates like a credit card, usually offering a higher credit limit and lower interest rate, and you pay interest and fees solely on the funds you utilize.

You can pay off your balance at any time without incurring penalties and repeatedly draw funds for expansion, emergencies, or any unforeseen business expenses—all through a convenient online portal.

  • $1,000 to $500,000+
  • Low Interest Rates
  • No Min. Credit Score
  • Up to 36-Month Terms
  • Streamlined Underwriting
  • 6+ Months Time in Business
  • No Collateral Required
  • Most Business Types Eligible
  • Nationwide Financing
  • Same-Day Funding Available

Business owners can access flexible Conventional Loans or preferred SBA Financing for a variety of business purposes such as to purchase or construct commercial real estate, buy or start a business, for large amounts of working capital, to open a new location, or to consolidate debt or merchant cash advances.

We can even consider borrowers turned down by other lenders due to credit issues, limited collateral, or other financing barriers.

  • $250,000 to $15 Million
  • Nationwide Financing
  • 650 Credit Score Min.
  • Competitive Interest Rates
  • Monthly Loan Payments
  • 5- to 25-Year Loan Terms
  • Flexible Underwriting
  • Most Businesses Eligible 
  • No Prepay Penalty Options
  • Expedited Funding Available

We are one of the nation’s top equipment lenders and our customized term and payment options match your business’s cash-flow cycle. Our innovative loan portal and live personal support enable us to issue financing approvals in hours, and fund in less than a day.

Most equipment and businesses are eligible, and you can count on the most competitive terms and a tailored equipment financing structure that works for you.

  • $5,000 to $5 Million
  • Custom Payment Options
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Up to 10-Year Terms
  • Dealer & Private Party Sales
  • Nationwide Financing
  • 0% Down on Purchases
  • Startup Terms Available
  • Same-Day Funding Available
  • NEW and USED Equipment

Even if you have no or low credit, you may still be eligible to prequalify for financing without impacting your credit through our flexible programs. If financing eligibility remains a challenge, our advisors can assist you in selecting from various Credit Builder products, such as the Credit Builder Loan, Credit Builder Card, Bill and Rent Reporting, and Credit Repair.

With ongoing credit score monitoring, you’ll receive notifications about score improvements and when you’ve re-qualified for better financing terms.

  • Free Consultation
  • Affordable Plan Options
  • Create On-Time Pay History
  • Same-Day Solutions
  • 65 Point Avg. Score Increase
  • Remove Incorrect Credit Info
  • Industry-Leading Providers
  • Save on Future Payments
  • Tailored Program Options
  • Personal & Business Credit

Recent Closings

Agriculture Company
Debt Consolidation & Working Capital
10-Year Term / No Prepay Penalty
11.50% Interest Rate

Real Estate Company
Business Credit Line
12-Week Term / No Prepay Penalty
2.08% Monthly Interest Rate

Ice Cream Shop
Franchise Start-up
10-Year Term / No Prepay Penalty
11.00% Interest Rate

Gas Station / C-Store
Working Capital
40-Week Term
5 Business Day Funding

Mobile Storage Co.
Equipment Purchase
60-Month Term / 0% Down Payment
11.80% Finance Rate

Child Care Center
Line of Credit
18-Month Term / 3 Day Funding
1.33% Interest Rate per Month

Wellness Co.
Equipment Purchase
60-Month Term / 0% Down Payment
11.16% Finance Rate

Communications Co.
Equipment Purchase
60-Month Term / 0% Down Payment
12.37% Finance Rate

Oil & Gas Co.
Working Capital
10-Year Term / No Prepay Penalty
11.25% Interest Rate

Freight Trucking Co.
Working Capital
6-Month Term / 1 Day Funding
Single Truck Operator

Agricultural Company
Used Tractor Purchase
60-Month Term / 12.81% Finance Rate
1 Day Funding

Consulting Firm
Working Capital
10-Year Term / 15% Interest Rate
No Prepay Penalty

Forestry Company
Logging Harvester Purchase
48-Month Term / 0% Down Payment
16.22% Finance Rate

Construction Company
Used Bulldozer Purchase
60-Month Term / 15% Down Payment
13.24% Finance Rate

Real Estate Purchase
10.75% Interest Rate / 86% LTV
25-Year Term / Amortization

Winter Lodge & Cabins
BUSINESS Working Capital / Debt Refi.
11.50% Interest Rate / 10-Year Term
650 Credit Score, Rural Location

Rural Resort
EQUIPMENT Purchase Financing
14.34% Finance Rate / 60-Month Term
0% Down Payment, Used RV

Pet Grooming Co.
3.33% Interest Rate / Mo., 18-Mo. Term
Application & Bank Stmts. Only

Freight Trucking Co.
FAST CAPITAL Working Capital
13.25% Interest Rate, 10-Year Term
No Prepayment Penalty

Fitness Boot Camp
BUSINESS Franchise Startup Loan
11.25% Interest Rate, 10-Year Term
No Prepayment Penalty

Excavation Co.
EQUIPMENT Purchase Financing
12.50% Finance Rate, 60-Month Term
0% Down Payment, Used Dump Truck

Appraisal Company
SBA Business Purchase Loan
11.25% Rate, 10-Year Term
Mukwonago, WI

Handyman Service
SBA Business Start-Up Loan
11.75% Rate, 10-Year Term
Stockbridge, GA

Retail Clothing Store
SBA Working Capital Loan
9.00% Rate, 10-Year Term
St. Cloud, MN

Therapy Co.
SBA Working Capital Loan
11.00% Rate, 10-Year Term
Washington, DC

Consulting Co.
Working Capital Advance
6-Week Term, 1 Day Funding
Queens, NY

Junk Hauler Purchase
0% Down Payment, 1 Day Closing
13.14% Rate, 5-Year Term
Denver, CO

Excavator Purchase Financing
8.68% Rate, 5-Year Term
12-Month Early Buy-out Option
New Windsor, NY

Gym Equipment
20% Down Equipment Financing
9.03% Rate, 5-Year Term
Brooklyn, NY

0% Down Equipment Financing
11.884% Rate, 6-Year Term
Alpharetta, GA